When: 21. 11. 2019 (Tuesday) 19:00 (1,5 – 2 hours)

Where: U Francúza – Jazz klub 12 (Horná 12, Banská Bystrica)

We would like to invite you to another Dialogue session. This time, the topic is going to be about “When, how and why we (do not) engage in democracy”. It will take place on the 17th of December (Tuesday) at 7pm.

Again, we would like to support a wide range of opinions and views. That is why we invite people from all generations, all educational backgrounds, with all kinds of interests and also foreign citizens living in Banská Bystrica. Their perspective can be especially valuable and interesting to hear! Dear foreign citizens living in Banska Bystrica, please do come and join us!

We will discuss the motivations and obstacles of civil commitment engagement, skills, tools and views that are helpful for citizens to become more active. We will also try to discuss how to build up civil capacities and what can citizens do to support democratic culture in our town as well as in our country.

We are going to meet in pre-Christmas time, when it is natural to encourage good relationships and wellbeing. To enhance “Christmassy mood” we will offer you a glass of hot Christmas punch for free 😊

We kindly ask you to come and speak out, try to practice your dialogue skills in public space and listen to the opinions of your fellow citizens including foreigner citizens of Banská Bystrica. By this, we all can contribute to building a culture of mutual understanding, dialogue and democracy in our country.