Welcome to Dialogue Centre

Our mission is to share with you our passion for dialogue – to participate in the promotion of the culture of dialogue and cooperation across society, and therefore to increase societal resilience, adaptability and ability for mobilization in our complex times, as well as to contribute to societal depolarization and sustainable development.

We focus on capacity building for dialogue, cooperation and participation – offering education and bespoke trainings / workshops aimed at specific skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for constructive dialogue, cooperation and the development of participatory leadership.

We equally strive to contribute to social development by designing, organizing and facilitating platforms for dialogue, cooperation and mutual learning, which interconnect various stakeholders including actors from different socio-economic backgrounds, cultures and hierarchical structures.

While contributing to cultural change towards more of the dialogue culture, we also using methodologies such as change management and participatory action research.

Our services are destined for a wide spectrum of clients: citizens, community leaders, business managers, social innovators, public administration professionals, members of Parliament and political leaders.

We are currently mostly active in the public sector, but our offer is naturally applicable in the business sphere too. 

We shall be delighted to provide you with a tailored solution for innovation, educational or facilitation projects or dialogues and public consultations. We remain at your disposal at: dialog@dialoguecentre.eu