UK CEE Dialogue Centre has been commissioned by Nash Dom to deliver the public consultation on the “Enhanced New to Walsall Welcome Pack and Buddying Scheme” as part of the Walsall for All local integration programme, funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Project aimed to deliver a comprehensive and needs based Welcome Pack for newly arrived residents to Walsall, to support them in settling in, and to encourage them to lead an active and fulfilled life.


The consultation process on the Welcome Pack was based on the three focus group discussions conducted in an online environment via ZOOM platform due to the restrictive measures imposed by the COVID-19 emergency.

Participants of focus groups included:

  1. a) “service users” participants (including established residents of Walsall coming from Central and Eastern Europe who arrived in the UK more than 5 years ago, including refugee participants from Nigeria);
  2. b) “service providers” participants (including providers working with newly arrived communities at a large scale; key service providers covering public, private and voluntary sectors; providers operating locally - having the knowledge and work experience with local communities).

Online applications Flinga & Ideaflip were used to harvest the focus groups outputs.


*Report from the consultation process is available on request.