Sean Risdale

Sean’s role at UK CEE Dialogue Centre is to identify and develop strategic partnerships with all sectors of UK civil society. In doing this he draws on extensive experience and connections gained in a range of key national roles committed to diversity and equality. Among these roles he was the Regional Development Adviser for the Refugee Council. More recently he has been a Policy Adviser for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. In both of these roles Sean had a reputation for considerable powers of negotiation and mediation. Sean’s experience at EHRC has drawn him into settlement issues affecting migrants from Central Eastern Europe – including an active role in research on discrimination in their working conditions.

“From extensively working within the context of diversity, and as a qualified and experienced mediator, I understand that moving forward in any difficult situation involves an understanding of the other side. This is even more important when the situation is cross cultural. This is where UK CEE comes in, and where its strength lies“.