Mgr. Sona Karikova, Msc.

Sona, in her early 20’s left her little home town in the middle of Slovakia and moved to London to discover the “world” and search for the unique impulses to guide her professional path. This has evolved to undertaking Msc in Business Psychology, where she has first met with subjects of facilitated decision making, negotiation, mediation and intercultural communication. Around the same time “Eastern European” community in the UK became bigger and various Eastern European and UK intercultural encounters started to occurring more often. Demand for specialized communication intervention to support the UK-Eastern-European understanding in various aspects has grown. In this light Sona has founded a community interest company “UK CEE Dialogue Centre” and since become passionate about the subject of dialogue. With her small team, they search for and develop ways how to most effectively build culture of dialogue within our societies. Although Sona has currently returned to beloved Slovakia, where she keeps raising awareness and helps developing the culture of dialogue but also of collaboration and democracy, through various international projects she remains connected with the UK and other foreign countries deepening her dialogue expertise.